Sharing my expertise & experience to help people turn their knowledge into impact & income.


Arianna Merritt is an Educational and Leadership Development Consultant driven to help people turn their knowledge into impact & income. A fierce advocate for education and entrepreneurship, Arianna’s authenticity, storytelling and professional skills have taken her to the top of the industry . 

Arianna is known for her resilience, work ethic, positivity, and boundless energy. She has spent her life helping others. Her professional vision is based on her personal experience. Despite her persistent optimism, Arianna’s path has been an uphill battle. She knows what it feels like to graduate with two post-secondary degrees and not be able to find work. For a recent graduate, not finding a job in one’s field upon graduation is hard; you are so excited to start working, but then you don’t have a venue. This can be a huge let-down. It can really destroy your self-esteem; you take the unemployment as a personal failure, and start to blame yourself. It doesn’t only hurt yourself; it can burden your family, friends and support system.  

Instead of staying stuck, Arianna reached out and started a blog, now called Work + Wellness with no social media/blogging experience. A completely self-made woman, Arianna’s success was not overnight. She built her blog from the ground up and dealt with critics and self-doubt. Despite the challenges, she persisted and the site is still going strong. Social media provided her with the connection and hope to keep her going through a challenging time. Now, having worked at colleges and universities, Arianna knows how much talent exists in the world and uses her skills and experiences to help individuals, businesses, and educational institutions make an income and impact.  

Arianna has a B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology from Carleton University and an M.Ed. in Human Development and Applied Psychology from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

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