Hello, I'm Arianna Merritt, M.Ed.

An educator, community-builder & storyteller who creates content and digital experiences that guide, inspire, and lead audiences globally!

While pursuing my graduate degree in psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto and living downtown in the biggest city in Canada, I, like many others was always on the go.  In addition to being an athlete for the Varsity Blues rowing team, I was always working hard turning my dreams into reality with little time off and felt alone on my journey. Being in that busy environment, I saw so many people that were exhausted and struggling with doubt, myself included. I was about to graduate the following year and nervous about what the future would hold.  I knew I wanted to pursue a career in psychology/education but had no idea what that would entail. 

Then during a much needed vacation to Maui that renewed my spirits and lifted my energy, I decided while on a beach walk with my sisters to start a blog and create an online community. Instead of waiting and losing momentum on the job search, I took a leap and built my own online platform to empower others. So, when I came home, I launched The Self-Discovery Retreat. It was scary as I had no blogging experience and no followers but doing so has been one of the best decisions of my life. I showed up. In 2017, the site is still going strong.  

Since then, I have created over 400 blog posts, self-published a book, made hundreds of graphics, and now consult regularly to help people who were in my shoes when I started. Due to my blog’s success, I am regularly approached by people and businesses to translate their missions into a wide range of online and print-based graphics, videos, websites, social media accounts, presentations, books, and blog posts that guide, inspire, and lead their desired audiences. 

I love teaching, empowering people to reach their full potential, and creating digital content & websites.  If you are looking for my expertise in helping you elevate your online presence, contact me here

See you on the blog! 

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