To succeed in today's technology-driven world, you need a digital presence. You have to show up online so that people can find your products & services! I love guiding people through the process.


In today’s society, we are like the sun in our personal & professional lives as we are being constantly showcased on a daily basis to a global audience. Especially in today’s job market – you have to always be promoting yourself – whether it be online or in person, you need to be visible to attract clients and opportunities.   

This is where I come in. My background as an applied researcher and practitioner has involved understanding how individuals learn (B.Sc. in Psychology), then creating materials and supportive environments which foster their growth (M.Ed. in Human Development and Applied Psychology). 

Delivering an exceptional client experience has always been at my core. I am a data- and feedback-driven collaborator who uses keen listening skills to create engaging digital experiences that connect with clients and stakeholders and cause them to take action. 

Since initially creating my blog in 2010, I have been highly sought after to consult with individuals and organizations for their digital identity development, content creation, and strategic social media communications. I help create content (both art and copy) for web, mobile, email and social media channels through extrapolating ideas into meaningful story-lines that facilitate relationships between brands and their clients.

Notable Stats 

·  Blog has been read by over 400,000+ people globally.

·  I have personally sought out and interviewed 150+ thought leaders.

·  Designed my site (in WordPress and now SquareSpace) and create the weekly content for my blog posts.

·  Helped conceptualize the idea for the Encompass UVic campaign video which was viewed by 4,000 people in a week and reached 8,000 people.

·  Took the campaign social media photos with one of sushi reached 5,000 people.

·   A photo I took at Butchart Gardens got regrammed and got 656 likes.

One of your best gifts is your ability to see people’s strengths and potential for greatness, and then you go one step further by encouraging and supporting them, which provides the space and platform for people to succeed in their dreams.
— Jacqueline Boone
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