Positive Self-Esteem Advice


Here is some advice that I've come up with for you to follow if you would like to feel better about youself:

1. Pursue satisfying and useful occupations that realistically reflect your strengths and your interests (Try to find something you are passionate about).

2. Work hard to develop the skills and interests you have rather than the ones you don't have (This will reduce anxiety and worry).

3.  Work at being more HONEST and OPEN with people (Vulnerability and Authenticity :)).

4. Make efforts to appreciate the positive things in your life.  Don't focus on the the negative ones.

5. Avoid continually thinking about opportunities you failed to grasp or situations that you think you didn't handle well.

6. Continue to make an effort even when you are discouraged.

7. Re-evaluate the standards by which you have judged yourself. If they are unrealistic, set realistic ones.

8. Decide to be your own good friend; compliment yourself when appropriate.  Refrain from criticizing yourself too harshly.

9. Relax in the knowledge that just about everyone else has probably felt the way you do at some time or another (You ARE NOT Alone).

Those are some of my suggestions.  Anyone else have some to share?

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!