Official Bio

Arianna Merritt is a highly-motivated applied-psychology researcher and collaborator.  Arianna is known for her strategic influence and leadership, deep understanding of individuals and organizations, strong ability to synthesize insights, and innate ability to bring people together. She loves sharing her skills to improve the health and well-being of people globally.  

Arianna has sixteen years of experience in Education and nine years of experience in Health Promotion and Knowledge Mobilization. She holds a B.Sc. (high honours) in Psychology from Carleton University, and a M.Ed. in Applied Psychology and Human Development from the University of Toronto/OISE. Arianna spent her undergraduate degree studying human behaviour, particularly how people think and learn; in her graduate degree, she focused on creating educational content and programs which foster individuals’ growth.

Recognized professionally as a catalyst and change-agent,  Arianna is a Mental Health Specialist who excels at bringing insights to life through many techniques, such as creative writing, storytelling, and photography. During her Master’s degree, Arianna created the award-winning blog, Work + Wellness, ‘formerly Arianna’s Random Thoughts and The Self-Discovery Retreat’ as an innovative platform to translate the academic insights she was learning at graduate school into easy-to-understand content, thereby making mental health support accessible and inclusive. For the blog, Arianna has written more than 500 articles about self-care and has designed all accompanying graphics and social media content. The website has received more than 600,000 unique views.  Arianna has also written and self-published the book, Stand Tall & Speak from the Heart: How to Find Your Way, as a tool for helping people deal successfully with the transition from school to professional life. As well, Arianna has written guest posts for many websites world-wide; she is also known as an Instagram influencer.

Throughout her work, Arianna has sought to mobilize people and organizations for collective action and change towards improving health and well-being globally. Arianna’s resilience, work ethic, positivity, and boundless energy underpin this work. In all, Arianna focuses her thoughts and actions on helping others – individuals and organizations alike – become the best they can be!!!!!!!!!! 

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