What are your deal breakers in a long-term relationship?

I was watching a reality show this week, and a guy made a comment about a woman he was dating.  He said that he had a great connection with the woman, and he could totally see himself building a life with her; but, he had to break up with her due to a lack of physical attraction because he thought she needed to lose at least fifteen pounds.   I know I should consider the source because it is a reality show, but I have heard people dismiss potential partners for a variety of physical reasons.

Therefore, my question of the the day is: what are the deal-breakers in a long-term relationship?  Human bodies change for a variety of reasons. There is more to a person than physical appearance.

What happens if your partner:

  • goes bald?

  • gains weight or loses weight?

  • becomes impaired?

  • loses his/her job?

  • changes his/her lifestyle?

  • develops a disease?

If you want to grow old with someone, such "dealbreakers" are going to come.

If you love someone unconditionally, then these things should not matter and will be handled.  How can you perservere through such issues? What makes you stick with your partner regardless in a society where relationships seem to be disposable items?

Does every relationship have a "best before" date?  Sometimes, I feel like we are taught to stay with someone only until we can trade them in for the richer, smarter, and more attractive model.

No one promised that a relationship would be easy; they did, however, say it would be worth it.