A Valuable Lesson from Oprah's Lifeclass

"Do not let yourself be surrounded by people who will peck you to death like a duck" - Maya Angelou

I heard Oprah say this quote on her Lifeclass last week, and the message hit me hard.

When I heard the phrase, "peck you to death like a duck", I was brought back to my childhood and a situation I had witnessed at our local petting zoo.  I remember going into the barn and seeing four birds (I forget what kind they were) in a pen.

Ducks at Granville Island, BC. (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts.
Ducks at Granville Island, BC. (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts.

From far away, all of the birds appeared to be the same; however, as I looked closer, there was something very different about one of the birds.  This bird, that I thought was beautiful, was missing all of the plummage on the back of his neck and on the top of his head.  The other three had all of their feathers intact.  I remember being angry that this one bird was being pecked by the other birds and that the farmer hadn't taken him out of the pen.  The farmer had just left him there to be constantly pecked to death.  It was very apparent that the other three birds were not going to stop pecking him.  He was outnumbered in that cage; even if he tried, he would not be able to escape.

This scenario happens with humans, as well as animals.  Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by people (i.e., extended family members, classmates, acquantainces, partners, co-workers, etc. ) who are no good for us and will continue to "peck us to death."

If you are in such a situation, you need to speak up and get out of that environment.  "Do not waste your time with people who have shown that they really mean no good for you."

I know what you are thinking, they will change and stop pecking you.  I understand if they say one mean thing and are sincerley apologetic about it.  However, if they continue to belittle you or make fun of you just to make others laugh, why do you want to surround yourself with people like that?

You think that they will change.  I'm all about giving someone a second chance, but if they do this behaviour to others constantly as well, it is a trait.

Thank you Oprah for reminding me of this lesson! I'm taking your advice.

I demand to be treated with respect or else, see ya!


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See you at the beach!