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"Never, ever, give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I know you have probably heard this quote many times in your life. I have and I've  promised myself that I wouldn’t give up on my dream.  However, I just realized that I almost did, and I am so happy that I did not.

When I finished graduate school, two of my goals were: to keep blogging and to help reduce bullying in sport.  In both avenues, I almost gave up.

When it came to reducing bullying in sport, I saw the need through personal experiences - teams I have been on and the academic work I have done.  I had this idea to bring awareness to bullying in sport, and I wanted others to get on board.

Doors were closed, and my idea was rejected.  "We are already reducing bullying in sport; we don’t need help," they said.  Or, "Your research isn’t fitting with our program, we don’t see its value."

Here I was, a new graduate with so much passion and enthusiasm to create  positive social climates and to improve relationships in formal and informal social settings.

However, with these setbacks,  I started to question whether I was on the right track and the value of my ideas.  Maybe bullying prevention is not needed, or isn't as important as I had thought.  Perhaps, I should listen to others and give up.  So, I stopped.  I decided, "They are right; maybe my dreams and goals aren't worth while." I was silenced.  I felt as if my opinions and ideas didn't matter.  Rather, I should try other options.   However, when I did so, I veered off the path I was supposed to be on.

Somehow, though, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake by listening to naysayers and giving up on my dream.

While I was offered many job opportunities in other areas, they did not "feel" right.  My head said these opportunities were okay, but my heart was aching to follow my dream.

The day before, I was about to sign up for a new job opening, I read the quote, “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”  I realized I was about to make a terrible mistake.  There were other things that happened that night. For example, friends who inferred that I shouldn’t quit on my dream.

I was lost, confused, and feeling empty because I hadn't been following my dream. I had let some setbacks (closed doors and people's negative  comments) throw me off course.  I had almost given up on my vision.

The next day I decided to try following my inner vision one more time.   It turns out that the people I contacted that day valued my idea and are willing to support me and work with me on this topic.  If I had just stopped and not pursued my dream for reducing bullying in sport,  these current projects and new adventure would not exist.

It will be hard work, you will doubt, and it may take a long time to achieve your dream, but go after your dreams with your whole heart. Believe in your dream!

If you are having setbacks, perhaps there is a reason others are not supporting your idea; for example,  some may be jealous and not want you to succeed. Follow it anyway. Others will see the passion you have and want to be part of your cause.

I could not have remained steadfast to my dream all on on my own, even though I thought I could.  I humbly declare that you can’t fulfill your dreams on your own.  You need others' help.  Life is more fun working with,  and learning from, others.

I am so excited to go after my dream!  Thank you to those who have encouraged me to never give up! You help me value the importance of my goal.

So.....KEEP GOING!!!!

just keep swimming

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See you at the beach!