A Beautiful Poem About Friendship

After reading my post yesterday, I realized how much certain people have influenced my journey.  I thought I would share this beautiful quote with you.  Due to numerous factors, I can't see certain friends as often as I would like but want them to know that they are always with me.

Life is like a journey.

We may be walking along a path with friends and then come upon a crossroad where we each must choose the road that is right for each of us individually.

At times we may find ourselves walking a path alone, but somewhere along the road we find new friends to walk with, friends to love, friends to grow with, friends to share with.

The path of life has many crossroads, at each one it's difficult to say good-bye and go our own separate ways, choosing the direction that is right for each of us.

But the memory of being together will always remain, and there is always a chance that our paths will cross again."  - Donna Yee

I'm actually making a list of my favourite quotes.  If you have any ones you like please share them here.

I will post tomorrow about the importance of having a community :) Hope you have a great day.


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