How far would you go to look "PERFECT" on your wedding day? Would you use a feeding tube?

I have heard about extreme dieting in the past, but the new diet, called the "K-E Diet" or " The Feeding Tube Diet,"  lives up to the name "EXTREME". The article I read this morning in the Globe and Mail discussed this trend.

Brides are paying $1,500 to have a feeding tube administered into their bodies which provides them with an 800-calories-a-day diet (i.e., very minimal food intake).  These women are using this method to lose the last few pounds so they don't "Look Fat" on their wedding day.  According to the diet, you lose twenty pounds in ten days.

I think this procedure is ridiculous and unhealthy, and can have negative long-term effects as it fosters on-going yo-yo dieting.

Check out the link below to hear what I am talking about:

I could see how this diet may be tempting for some people, because it seems like an easy fix to their problem. But, I object with going to such an unhealthy extreme to look "perfect" on one's wedding day.  I think we should forget the "feeding tube"!

It isn't the men who want their wives-to-be to lose the weight; the brides are doing this to themselves so they don't "look fat" in their wedding dress.  A wedding should be about the couple professing and celebrating their love and commitment to their partner; so, why is "the bride's weight" the focus?

My questions of the day are:  What do you think of this diet? How far would you go to look "PERFECT" on your wedding day?How do you describe a beautiful bride?

Thoughts?  I had to share this video with you all.

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