Job Seekers: Shift Your Anger into Positive Action!

This quote in my last post  gathered quite a few responses, “Passion is positive anger; it is anger harnessed into constructive action. For example, you feel angry that someone or something you care about has been harmed in some way; therefore, you resolve to do everything in your power to prevent such injustice from happening again. This is an example of anger harnessed to bring about positive change.” Readers and job seekers wanted advice to harness their energy into turning their dreams into reality, valuing themselves, and not losing hope.


Many job seekers who’ve talked with me are angry due to their particular job situation, or that of someone they care about; they’re either underemployed or without a job at all.  Yet these people, despite their frustrations, are keeping these negative emotions bottled up inside.  They don’t believe there is a solution to their problem so they are stuck remaining angry. This results in the job seeker insulting and devaluing him- or herself, or getting treated this way by someone they care about.

Since many believe that a person’s value is determined by their job, those without jobs, or with ones that are not highly esteemed or paid well, can ‘take on’ this generalized notion and treat him- or herself accordingly.  As a result, job seekers can have feelings of worthlessness and not being “good enough.” These feelings of low self-esteem can become feelings of anger.

This is where we need to shift the anger into positive action! Yes, you may be experiencing a stressful situation but that DOES NOT in any way alter how valuable you are!

Society, social and family circles, and ourselves can place such high expectations on individuals that sometimes you can feel as if you don’t measure up. I know what it is like to feel like you want to give up – especially in the job situation. Since so much of our worth is often placed on the “job we have” and how much money we make, our self-worth make take a hit while we are en route to landing our dream career.

Instead of bottling up this hurt and anger that you aren’t where you want to be, use your words and express your feelings with someone who can help you move forward. Reach out and ask for someone to sit and listen while you vent and work it out yourself.

We need to be more accepting of ourselves at whatever phase in life we are in currently, as we will never be in this present moment again. Savour this moment, distilled of the bad feelings or sentiment. Yes, you may be angry or hurt of your current situation. Rather than staying in that anger or hurt, use it as a catalyst to lift yourself up to the next level! To Stand Tall.

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