Top Self-Discovery Quotes of 2016

Hope you are having an awesome holiday season. I can’t believe it is almost 2017. Check out the top self-discovery quotes taken from blog posts from the past year. Then be sure to click on their name to read the full article.  Also check the Instagram feed @sparks_app to see the quotes as images!

People with dogs get fitter faster than some people on nutrition plans. You can't look at that doggie face and tell it you're not going out for a walk.” -Chandra Crawford, Olympian & Founder of Fast & Female.

“If you use social media to show others how you provide value to the world, you will always be able to make a living.” - Ian Warner, athlete & entrepreneur.

 “It took months and months before I was in a place where I could truly feel comfortable standing tall and sharing my story, but it's amazing what happens when you put yourself out there.” - Kayley Reed, Co-Founder of Wear Your Label

Too often people censor and suppress their emotions; so as scary as putting yourself out there can make you feel vulnerable, it can also be quite liberating.” - Vania Manipod, Psychiatrist & Blogger

“The person I am today is still very much a work in progress. I struggle daily to accept what I see in the mirror, but I want nothing more than to love myself.” - Ilana Harkavy, Singer/Songwriter

“We couldn’t believe that in Canada, with all the expos and trade shows, not one city had any for the youth. So, we decided to give TeenFest a try.” - Ali Berman, Founder of TeenFest

“I am a recovering under-earner. It took me years to feel confident in asserting my value as a business owner, and it’s still something I work on daily.” - Amanda Abella, Business Coach

“My first blog evolved to where I am today, and I got here from taking small steps every day and from so badly wanting to create meaningful change in my life.”- Katherine Mackenzie Smith, Life Coach

“As an Economics major who never used her degree, I always tell people, “Just do the next thing” and doors will open that you can’t begin to imagine. At least, that’s been my experience.” - Laura Whitfield, Writer

“I was on the bus one day with my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) and he looked at me and said, "You're actually very good at makeup. I think you should seriously consider trying to start a business and sharing your talent."”- Alexandra Andrei, Makeup Artist

For years, I was ashamed of “me.”  I downplayed myself to reduce criticism, make others happy, and fit in. I hid and dimmed my light.” - Arianna Merritt

“Well, I knew it was going to be a challenging transition for me, so I thought I would make something of it. When in doubt, help people out :)”- Krista Guloien, Olympian & Author

Sometimes it’s just about reframing how you see a situation to make it easier to conquer.” -Bailey Parnell, Digital Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur

“Caring for myself is what has allowed me to build an international business with absolutely no business training or outside investment. I practice what I preach.” -Alice Bracegirdle, CEO & co-Founder of Bellyfit® 

“Watching, noticing, and observing our thoughts and knowing we have choice is one of the most important life skills we’ve got.” - Miriam Linderman, Leadership Consultant

“Dressing well is not about fashion or vanity.  It is about self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love, and teaching others how to treat you! It's powerful beyond what people realize!” - Michele Charles Gustafson, Image Consultant

“It's always progress, not perfection, for me. I like to connect and be around people who are positive and make me feel good.”- Sue B. Zimmerman, Instagram Expert

“As in many other situations, women tend to wait to be asked to run for office instead of putting their hand up for what they want.”- Clare Beckton, Executive Director of the Carleton University Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership

“A small, yet important, thing I do daily to psychologically separate my workday from my personal life is to immediately change out of my work clothes and into more comfortable wear when I return home at the end of the day. This helps me to unwind and move into a more relaxed state of mind.” - Dr. Judy Caldwell, Psychology Instructor

“I feel the most vibrant when I am listening to my intuition, setting and defining boundaries, having difficult conversations (instead of avoiding them), and learning how to ask for help and receiving it when it arrives.” - Jac McNeil, Entrepreneur

“Meaningful work is important AND so are our personal relationships, hobbies, interests, taking care of our body and mind, and being of service in our community.” -Maria Gonzalez, Entrepreneur

If you can feel it and wish it in your heart, it can happen.  The Universe isn't so cruel to give a dream that can't be realized!” -Andrea Burk, Canadian Rugby Player

 Cheers to an awesome 2017!

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