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Dealing with Criticism: How do YOU cope?

In the past, the way I coped with insults was by seeking support and advice from others. Many people like to offer advice – I think the worst piece I ever got was when, after sharing with someone that I had been criticized, I was told in a harsh tone, “Suck it up and deal with it.”  I had been really low, as someone had said something really hurtful when I was vulnerable.  Usually I am good with bouncing back from an insult, but this time it took a little longer.  My delay in bouncing back wasn’t due to the insulting comment; it was because of how I dealt with it.

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Yes Coach....

After years of experience in the world of competitive and recreational sport (through active participation and watching many events), I know the importance of the coaches' role in the athletes development. There are some amazing coaches out there and if you have the pleasure to work with them, it’s a joy. However as in any occupation there are some which ruin the reputation  of the role for all the others.

The "bad coaches" in this case are the ones who go too far and "abuse" their athletes.  I have been doing a lot of work in emotional abuse and how harsh words can impact a person’s life. After reading an article by Ashley Stirling and Gretchen Kerr (2008) from the University of Toronto called “Defining and categorizing emotional abuse in sport”, many of athlete’s experiences got me thinking. 

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