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Profile of Perseverance: Mo Isom

As I said in my last post, conversations change lives. For me, one of those conversations was seeing Mo Isom being interviewed on Ellen. Watch the video here. Mo's story really inspired me and I had to reach out and connect with her.  I'm so excited that today, Mo Isom, is “Speaking From the Heart” and sharing her experiences with all of us. 

At just 23, Mo Isom is recognized as a powerful, fearless female voice rising up for her generation. Her unique personal story and athletic endeavors have provided her with a platform to inspire, empower and encourage others to live boldly, despite their circumstances. Having faced great personal tragedy—including battling an eating disorder, overcoming the suicide of her father, and surviving a horrific car accident—Mo is passionate about speaking on a wide variety of topics and is able to connect with men and women of all ages and demographics. 

Rise & Shine Interview: Michael Fear of Get Better Today

Michael Fear grew up in a small town in Indiana. Being an aspiring athlete in a small town brought its own disadvantages. There was no easy way to find and connect with the proper coaches or instructors that he needed to get better. After many months of searching, instructors were found through word of mouth. Michael and his dad were forced to drive 4 hours roundtrip, for hitting lessons. Michael thought, "There has to be a better way!" Therefore, he developed his own business, Get Better Today.

Rise & Shine Interview: Anne Sikes

I'm a 55-year-old mother of three grown children, and a grandmother of one.  I was born in California, raised in Texas, and my first husband and I travelled a great deal throughout his 20-year Navy career.  He passed away in 2001, and I remarried in 2006.  Currently separated from my husband, I'm living with my two grown daughters and my 10-year-old granddaughter in northwest Florida.

The Power of Love: The Beautiful Story of Ian and Larissa

Larissa and Ian Murphy represent to me a true tale of love and perseverance. I watched the following video yesterday, and their story was truly beautiful. The couple had been dating ten months and planned on getting married, when Ian got into a car crash.  He suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Instead of giving up on the relationship, the couple got married and are going strong! The video literally made me cry.  Watch it for yourself!

Questions about Church

*** Before I begin - my topic today is on Christianity and I know that some of you reading it are studying to become Ministers. I'm being honest with how I feel about church.

So the question on my mind today is: What am I looking for in a church?? Before you jump to conclusions I havent changed my belief in God. I still do believe. I guess I'm just questioning how I show that. What is it about church that is so important??

Is it the building??? Is it the service or sometimes performance?? Is it the message?? Sometimes I've heard discussions that are so philosophical and that's not what I'm looking for.