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Ruvini Godakandae's Advice on How to Beat the Unemployed or Underemployed Blues

As you know, I love sharing inspiring stories to #fuelpersistence in jobseekers and new graduates. So, when a good friend of mine, Ruvini Godakandae, sent me this post I had to share it, as it holiday themed . I love how even though Ruvini has an obstacle in her path (being unemployed), she perseveres, reaches out, and inspires others! She now contiues to do so through being an employment educator (December, 2015). Thanks, Ruvini, for helping others shine! 

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Rise & Shine Interview: Carla Bourada

Any new moms out there looking for encouragement and support? Today is your lucky day!

I have interviewed many people for my "Profiles of Perseverance" series about how they persevere through many types of obstacles.  However, I had until now, not asked a young mom to share her thoughts.  When thinking of who to interview – I knew just the person to ask. Carla Bourada is a 29-year-old-stay-at -home mom of three children with one more on the way!  Her children are so adorable! I have known Carla since elementary school and we used to live in the same neighbourhood. I really respect her and think she is a wonderful woman and mom. Thanks, Carla, for sharing with us the lessons you have learned throughout your twenties! You Rock!

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Rise & Shine Interview: Ruvini Godakandae

I'm so excited that one of my friends, Ruvini Godakandae, who I have known for almost 15 years is sharing her thoughts on perseverance with us today. We have seen each other through many important times in our lives.  She is such a sweet and kindhearted person.  I had to ask her to be involved in this series and I'm so glad she agreed to participate.  Thanks Ru! 

Ruvini is an Employment Educator & Communications Enthusiast who loves taking in an interesting arts event or chatting online or in person with like-minded individuals. When she’s not busy working, she’s checking out festivals and events around the city, following her social media networks, and staying active with recreational activities, sports and dance.

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