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The Importance of Asking Questions

In order to learn, you need to reach out and ask questions.   I sent a message to a well-established blogger the other day,Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, and this is how she responded. Read the post here. Thanks Laurie!

This made me think where I was taught this important life lesson.

I learned the importance of asking questions from my high school Algebra and Geometry Teacher.

Our school wasn't semestered, so all of our classes were full-year courses.  I loved math and science, which was great because I had planned on becoming a medical doctor.  

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Is there such a thing as "Just Friends" ?: The complicated dynamic between men and women.

In today's western society, individuals are constantly interacting with members of the opposite sex (i.e., at work, school, places of worship, in sports,  etc.).   Most people in the generation of individuals from 16 to 35, have many close friends of both sexes.  How does having many friends of the opposite sex influence the individual's romantic relationships?  As someone who has numerous friends of both sexes, here are some questions that I have been thinking about lately.   I would like to hear your opinions on this topic.

The first question that I have asked myself frequently is:  Can men and women be "just friends" without the question of dating entering the picture?  

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