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The Way Your Dog Sees You

Since I have been talking about relationships for the past few weeks, I thought I would share about a member of my family. I was looking at my dog today, and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have her in my life. She stared at me with her beautiful little eyes. It is true what they say about a dog's eyes; when she looks at you, you can’t help but smile. Even though she is getting older, she has the energy of a puppy. Let me show you what she looks like.

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Ode to Comet!

We all grieve in different ways.  I'm turning to writing to express the thoughts that are in my head right now.

I just came home from taking our family cat, Comet to the vet.  She usually loves to eat and will come running whenever you put kibble in her bowl.  Also, she constantly would wake us up by either bunting our face or slightly nibbling our hair when she wanted to wake us up at night to give her a midnight/early morning snack.  Well, when she wouldn't eat and would sniff her favourite foods and walk away; we knew something was up.

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