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Singer/Songwriter Robyn Dell'Unto's Self-Discovery Lessons on How to Succeed in Music

I’m excited that today, singer/songwriter Robyn Dell’Unto, is “Speaking From the Heart”, and sharing her experiences with all of us. Not only does Robyn sing and write songs, she also teaches young people to do the same. Founded by Robyn Dell'Unto in September 2011, ‘A Song Of My Own’ is a unique and interactive songwriting workshop designed to support children and youth in their exploration of music and song. Over 200 original songshave been written and recorded during A Song Of My Own workshops since the program’s inception. After hearing about the work that Robyn does, I had to invite her to take part in this series. Thank you, Robyn, for the beautiful work you are doing!

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Song of the Week: "I Won't Give Up"

I have loved the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz since the first time I heard it. It moved me to tears a couple times.  I'm a huge fan of his voice and his prior work.

"The story of the video (I Won't Give Up) is that we all have our stories. We all have out own version of suffering….and everybody has many things to not give up on," Mraz explained in an interview.  I had to share this song as it encourages us to persevere.

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