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Thought of the day: Positive climates are important!

"Go where ur celebrated, not tolerated.. Where ur Adored & not ignored!"  was what Rev Run tweeted earlier today.  When I read that on my twitter this afternoon, it made me think of a few situations where this applied.

There have been a few times in my life, where I left or have wanted to leave environments where I didn't feel supported.  Why would you put effort into something if you are not appreciated and are generally ignored?

For example, there was one time someone went to this small group at a church three times before any one came up to them and the people they went up to did not really show an interest in them.  I mean it is hard enough showing up to a new group, but if the group is not friendly or inviting why would you want to be a part of it?  There are other small groups out there that are excited to welcome new people.

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