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Entrepreneur & Producer of Dream, Girl Komal Minhas shares how Meditation empowers her daily

I’m excited that, today, Komal Minhas is sharing how incorporating a meditation practice into her daily routine has transformed her life! Komal is an Indo-Canadian film producer, writer, and investor who started her first company, KoMedia, at 23. Random fact – after checking out Komal’s website, I realized we are both graduates of Carleton University in Ottawa.  Komal has been deeply invested in improving the lives of women and girls globally. She champions this work through her continued investments and work in film and storytelling.

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How Can You Encourage Your Friends to Get Healthy?

I have decided to start a new feature on my blog, “Question of the Day.” Every so often, I am posed questions; I thought I would start to share these periodically with you before doing related follow-up posts.

I was emailed a question this week that I have heard many times; I would appreciate your input.

The email was from a reader who has a friend who has been struggling with living a healthy lifestyle for several years; as a result, the friend is severely overweight.  The reader wants to be supportive and a good friend to the other.

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Fears Vs. Dreams


The following are two questions that the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms have been asking recently.   You can also join in on the discussion at:

It got me thinking as to what my biggest fears are and what is my biggest dream.

I would like to share them with you as I think it is important to be aware of your fears so you cant try to get over them and not let them control your life

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