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Rise & Shine Interview: Tamarisk Saunders-Davies

I have interviewed many people for my #FuelPersistence series about how they persevere through many types of obstacles.  After Tamarisk reached out and shared her story with me, I had to ask her to be part of this series.  She is a brave indidivual who perseveres despite the challenges she is presented with in life.  Tamarisk has really inspired me, and I thank her for talking about difficult subjects.  It was really fitting to hear from an individual who is at high-risk of developing cancer, as many people in my life have been affected by cancer. As Tamarisk describes herself: "I’m a Connections Catalyst. Awesome title, right? Yeah, I made it up because ‘life coach’ doesn’t remotely sum up who I am, what I believe, or how I show up in the world. My purpose is to help you get more of what you want by showing you how to create the foundation from which to get it. We’re talking: greater confidence, clarity, and commitments around your emotional and spiritual well-being."

Thanks, Tamarisk, for sharing with us the lessons you have learned throughout your life! Read Tamarisk's interview below and feel free to leave comments afterwards :)

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Rise & Shine Interview: Felicity Lumb

Today, Felicity Lumb, who writes a blog called The Life and Loves of a girl called Felicity, is sharing with us about perseverance.  She has a powerful story to tell as she battled with and overcame anorexia.  She turned something negative into something positive - I love her honesty! Her blog was started as a way for her to promote healthy body image and fight mental health stigma.  Thanks Felicity for reminding us to Keep Loving the Skin We're In!  I'm so glad I reached out and connected with you!

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