Waiting Can Be the Hardest Part

We live in a society where accessing information has become easy and fast.  If you want something, you can get it almost immediately online.

This instantaneous access has made individuals impatient if they have to wait for something.  Some aspects of life can’t be rushed.

If you want to achieve greatness, you will have to put in the hard work to get there.  This time and effort can’t be rushed.


Think of all the grades you went through at school to obtain your diploma or degree.  You had to go through the hoops, regardless.

Waiting can cause a lot of frustration for some people now, if they don’t get what they want when they want it.  I know many people who start a program and want to be a professional/expert immediately.  However, to be professional, you must put in the time and effort to complete the mandatory program(s) and other requirements. That’s why it is hard to become a professional.

Like many others, I thought becoming an expert in my field would happen overnight.  Once I graduated, I believed getting an amazing job in my subject area would be a piece of cake; but, I was soon reminded that success doesn’t happen overnight.  Although, some people can make it look easy.

If you are “waiting” right now, make the best of this place; don’t make it a place of inadequacy, frustration, and/or disappointment.

Why are we happy only when we achieve the thing we want? Can we not be happy during the journey “while we are waiting”?!

focus on the small things

Life is all about the little things along the way. As the individuals who will share their stories and I will tell you, waiting is part of the process. However, it is a very important part because it teaches you important life skills.

Trust me. Anything worth waiting for, is worth the wait.

So my advice to you is: enjoy the road you are on; it’s a one-way street that can’t be repeated.  Take the time, and effort, to savour it.  It is your road.


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See you at the beach!