Take a Chance and Reach Out!

Have you ever been so excited about an idea that you want it to develop and to be shared with others? Yet, you are unsure of how to do it. I have a solution, and it isn’t rocket science.  One of the best ways to develop your idea is to REACH OUT and connect with others.

Take a Chance and Reach Out! (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts.
Take a Chance and Reach Out! (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts.

I was in that boat about a year ago when I first started my blog.  Seriously, I thought only my friends and family would be reading it but I was eager to meet new people and start discussions.  Since I was new to the blogging world, I was a bit naive; I thought, “I’ll write great material, and a community will immediately develop.”  Boy was I wrong! I should have realized that building an online community is the same as building an offline one – it takes time and effort to develop.

When it comes to blogging, you must write great material and have captivating images – that isn’t debatable, it’s a must. However, building an online community didn’t result from me just sitting there and waiting for individuals to find my blog.  Seriously, that would have taken a LONG time and would have had poor results.   To build relationships of any sort, it goes two ways. Both parties should benefit.

Becoming a recognized blogger has been a learning process – as is life.  I have learned that if you want to persevere in the area of sharing your idea with others, you have to REACH OUT!

One of my favourite things about blogging has been the people I have met from around the world. I have contacted many individuals and developed many relationships from my blog.  I am blessed to have them in my life. Some people may reach out to you eventually when you are recognized; but when you are first starting out, you may have to be the initiator. 

Looking back over my life, to achieve greatness in life – I had the passion, I reached out, and I worked hard. The process of building relationships can be difficult for some people as it takes time, vulnerability, and courage.  However, these steps are necessary. If you stay silent, how can people know what you want, if you don’t communicate?

My advice to you is - If you really want something in life, work hard, reach out, and don’t be silent! Who knows what you will achieve :)


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