Navigating Your Twenties


This quote has been my mantra as I’ve been navigating the journey of my twenties.  I threw off my bowlines, sailed away from the harbour, caught the tradewinds, but got stuck.   I stopped my journey for awhile, as I was unsure of the direction to sail my ship. The wind (i.e., the passion) was there; I was just unsure in which direction to steer.  Do I choose mainstream (i.e., the common path) or set my own course? 

During my pitstop, I reflected on my life journey thus far and where I could go from there.  I wanted to manifest my calling of empowering others to persist despite any setbacks they encountered.  As I was stuck momentarily, I decided to use my personal journey as a tool to start discussion and implement change.  Therefore, I developed my blog as a way to coach others to navigate their personal journeys. I went against the wind and began creating empowering media; I was turning my dream of helping others thrive into a reality.  

After graduation, I thought finding meaningful work and someone to spend my life with would be simple. I soon found that the process is much harder than what society leads us to believe.  My generation or those in their twenties/thirties, “Generation Y,” is now being called, “Generation Jobless.” Even the name makes us feel powerless and at a position of inferiority to others.  Yet, that is the opposite of who we are.  I believe talking about the issues surrounding the struggles of Gen Y will help many start to overcome the obstacles.

Many young people in their twenties are struggling so badly that they are stuck and feeling helpless; I have been there before and can tell you that it gets better.  Life may feel helpless or foggy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you live on the coast, you know that sometimes Fog can sweep in unexpectedly and you have to wait for it to clear.  It’s the same in your life; the fog (or helplessness) really does influence your life and your perception of things.  You went from seeing everything clearly to not being able to see the images in front of you.  The fog covers everything, and you have no control over when it will disappear. 


Sometimes, events will be like the fog (i.e., not being able to find a job or a romantic partner); the events will come in and influence your life in an all-encompassing fashion.  You may begin to think that you can never escape the fog; but if you learn the tools, you can let the fog pass and not get trapped in it.

I felt really lost after I graduated, because I was looking for answers and couldn’t find any sources despite my keen research skills. Instead of giving up, I found inner strength and used my voice to develop the answers. However, I couldn’t find any media source that was geared to empowering me instead of just educating or entertaining me.  Therefore, I created my own media through publishing this blog.

I will teach you the skills on how to navigate your path through your twenties.  I will show you what to do if obstacles like fog do appear on your journey.  I think it’s important in your life to stop going to others for help and answers.  You should look within – I believe you know what to do. That is why on this blog, I won’t give you specific answers, as each person’s life journey is different. You have to OWN YOUR POWER.  I will give you advice and lessons from my journey, and help you discover your direction.

Wherever your journey leads you, I will be there for you! Let me help you Navigate Your Twenties!


Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!

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