What I Learned From Holiday Season Traffic

The holiday season brings congestion everywhere - at shopping malls, on the roads, even at the grocery stores.  People are out trying to find the perfect present for their loved ones.  This means, though, that the parking lots and routes to these major centres are packed with holiday season traffic. It may seem like the whole city is out shopping!

During this festive season, I usually try to plan to go shopping for my gifts at off hours or to order things online to avoid the crowds and congestion.  However, this past weekend I found myself in a jammed traffic lineup while merging onto the highway.

Merging onto the main road can be a cloudy and anxious time for some people.
Merging onto the main road can be a cloudy and anxious time for some people.

Instead of just focusing on the busyness and the silly drivers on the road, the words “what is this experience trying to teach me?” came to mind.

You see, many drivers may find it stressful trying to merge onto oncoming traffic. There will be signs on the road in advance which mean “Right lane ends ahead. If you are in the right-hand lane, you must merge safely with traffic in the lane to the left” (Ministry of Transportation). Merging sounds simple yet many drivers struggle with it which causes complications for themselves and other drivers on the road.

As a new driver years ago, I remember how the thought of merging made me nervous; as a result, I avoided routes where I had to merge. I wasn’t sure what to expect and the uncertainty resulted in me being a bit nervous. However, after a few attempts where merging was unavoidable, my nerves were calmed after I realized I was being nervous over nothing. I just had to practice and say to myself, “I can do this.”  Once I was on the road I was fine; it was getting on the freeway that had made me anxious.

Many people may find it hard to merge, not just in traffic but into all areas of life.  This can happen, for example, when you go from being on your own solo path to joining into a large group of others on the way.  It’s a new start.

However, when it comes to life and your success, it is different than driving.  Instead of avoiding the major routes, learn how to merge onto the highway of life.

I know many individuals who are in this merging lane after graduation.  Their lane as a student has come to an end and they must join the professional highway. Many can let hindering beliefs that they don’t belong on that route prevent them from achieving their goals.

Why not drive through the windy mountain roads of life with a sunny outlook?
Why not drive through the windy mountain roads of life with a sunny outlook?

Yes, you may want to turn around. Yes, you may want to take a detour. Yes, you may want to stop. But, I encourage you to persevere and keep en route.

You only have one life. Don’t let a fear of merging onto the bigger road prevent you from reaching some awesome destinations on your journey.

Your presence in the world is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones this holiday season! Thank you, crowded street, for teaching me that!

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What can you learn from holiday season traffic? When did you feel like merging from the student lane into the professional highway after graduation? Describe your experience.  

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!