Worthy Life Lessons Learned From Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan


As I often mention on Arianna’s Random Thoughts, life lessons can be learned from anyone, and any situation, at random times. While watching television recently, I was taught a valuable lesson about loving the skin you are in.

The show was a recording of Live with Kelly and Michael.  The co-hosts had made an on-air bet about the SuperBowl. If the team Kelly chose (Denver Broncos) lost, she would appear makeup-free for the upcoming episode with superstar George Clooney. If the team Michael chose (Seattle Seahawks) lost, he wouldn’t cut his hair until after Oscar week, meaning he would have long hair for his Oscar appearance as he has twice-weekly haircuts to maintain his clean-shaven look. The makeup and hair cut are shields for personal insecurities, no different than a mask or a uniform.

Each of them works really hard on their appearance to look amazing in the public eye. Therefore, if either lost the bet, they would have to remove an element of their professional public image. The person who lost the bet would have to alter that image and showcase their natural look for one episode.

Last Thursday, Kelly Ripa fulfilled the bet, which she had lost to Michael. She appeared makeup-free for the entire show. She rocked it! Her natural beauty shone through and she was a role model to the viewers.

Even though both Kelly and Michael are paid professionals with extensive practice going on screen, they are human and experience nerves and emotions. Like any one of us, I’m sure Kelly had her doubts and insecurities before stepping out of her comfort zone that day.

BeFunky_step up.jpg

People can help support you en route but ultimately to become an expert at any task, YOU need to put in the work.  Kelly Ripa had a wonderful co-host and crew to help support her, but ultimately she was the one who had to perform the act going makeup-free for a day and showcasing her beautiful self.

“Experts” are individuals who have exhibited “deliberate practice,” encompassing at least 10 years or 50,000 hours of experience in their field of interest (Ericcson, 2006). The more a person practises, the better he/she will become at the skill.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” We all have the ability within us to become experts at appreciating ourselves; we just need to do it. We need to practise valuing ourselves every day! 

Only you can become the expert at valuing yourself!

Over the past month on the show Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan thought they were just placing a bet on the SuperBowl. Instead, they taught many people around the world an important lesson on self-love!

Like any relationship or journey, the process of valuing yourself will have highs and lows. We should team up and support each other by sharing practices that will help lift us up to become experts at enhancing and maintaining our self-worth. Through sharing, you never know what you will start or who you will inspire!  Thanks, Kelly and Michael, for teaching me these unforgettable life lessons :)

What are your daily rituals/practices to enhance your self-worth? Where did you learn these lessons?

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!