Love is Valuable!

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How do you choose the one you want to marry?

This week the thought of “saying yes” appeared in another way – saying “I do.”

I had the privilege of being in attendance and celebrating the wedding of two long-time friends. All of the couple’s wedding guests took the time to be in their presence and to support them on their special day. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!

I knew the pair individually before they became a couple; I got to see their love blossom over time. This beautiful pair were made for each other. Watching their love story unfold, and seeing them grow together as a couple, has taught me some valuable lessons about relationships.

Love is important! It should be celebrated and valued. Seeing a couple who unconditionally love each other is empowering! Their special love can make us all want to feel that way.

During the wedding reception, how the couple met and fell in love was the topic most talked about. As well, the following verse was read aloud and served as a beautiful reminder of what love truly means.

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Hearing the speeches about the bride, the groom, and their families made me think about the qualities of a loved one that can make you want to spend your whole life with that person.

What does love mean to you?

Through watching my friends get married, they epitomized the valuable qualities of that special someone: a person you can be truly yourself with, who you can trust, respect, and communicate with freely.

Yes, the process of putting yourself out there, making a commitment, and telling another how you feel can be nerve-wracking. But don’t let the fear of doing that close your heart.

Thank you, dear friends, for the valuable reminder about being fearless, through being able to love. It wasn’t just the wedding celebration that was important; all of the invited guests were there to celebrate this couple’s love for each other, and to show their support.

We don’t need to celebrate love only on special occasions. We need to show love every day. Take time in your daily life to LOVE others, and yourself!

Let your heart be your compass!

Now, I would open up the floor to you – tell me about your love story. What qualities drew you to your loved one? Or what are you looking for in a potential partner?

(c) Laura Ouilette.
(c) Laura Ouilette.

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