The Importance of Not Knowing

Not Knowing

What do you think of when you hear the words, “I don’t know”?

For many years, that saying made me uncomfortable. I was stuck on seeing the term “I don’t know” as a negative thing (as if I didn’t have all the answers) or a stumbling block.

Over time, instead of seeing the words “I don’t know” as a stopping point, I learned to cherish them as a starting place for my personal and professional growth.

After learning to accept myself and admitting to not being perfect, I began to crave situations where I didn’t know the answer so that I could learn more and challenge myself.

Perhaps that is why I have a strong passion to help others gain the strength and courage to achieve their best lives. My plan is to renew hope in those beautiful people who are struggling to find a job and start their professional lives.

Even though they have just reached the top of their academic degree, upon graduation they are beginners in their professional careers.

Many don’t know where they will end up or where the career road will lead.

Despite the fact that they are in this exciting stage of being awarded their degree, many appear to be masking their fear over the uncertainty of what lies ahead for them.

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Not knowing is not a stopping point, it is a chance for growth, exploration, and learning – it is a starting point.

As a new graduate, sure you don’t know what the future holds, but you do have one thing that can hold you fast: your attitude.

Changing how you frame your thoughts, whether they be positive or negative, impacts your life.

You may be seeing your life from a negative lens. Yes, your vision may be fogged because you may not have a job currently and not know what your next step is; but this is not permanent state.

After the rain, a rainbow always rises in the sky; you just have to look. You never know what amazing things you will achieve if you look past the fog!

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