The Importance of Making a Positive First Impression

What is your best advice for meeting new people at networking events?

As a student or professional, these days we are constantly selling ourselves when we go to networking events and online. Whatever your purpose, you are going there to make a positive impression and connect with people. When meeting someone new, you introduce yourself and describe what you do. This is your chance to set a first impression and leave an impact on the other person. It is a time to celebrate yourself, to speak up about the contribution you’re making to the planet. Trust me, positivity makes a difference!

This was brought home at a social gathering recently where I knew few people.  Upon being introduced to me, my new acquaintance began insulting and belittling others and carried on speaking about them in a negative light. After, I felt uncomfortable about this person’s negativity; it left a lasting impression on me.  While I don’t remember this person’s name or what they do, I will remember what I learned about their character!

From this event, I realized how easy and safe it can be to criticize someone else;  there was no risk of them being vulnerable. I truly believe that you don’t have to put others down to lift yourself up. Therefore, my best advice is really simple. When you go to networking events as a student or professional, share your strengths and celebrate your accomplishments - that is what will make a difference. You spreading positivity and joy will empower others do to the same and leave a mark!

Please don’t spend this precious time insulting or belittling someone else, yourself included. Life is too precious. The world needs more kindness and love.

If you have been following me on social media, you will have seen I have been travelling lots and meeting wonderful people which have been fantastic. Can’t wait to share the lessons I have learned in the coming posts. These events have taught me so much and I encourage you to go be seen!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. How do you deal with others' negativity in a social situation?

By reflecting on my recent experience at the networking event with the acquaintance who talked badly about others, I realized I held the power to change the world - as a bystander, if I stayed silent I was allowing the  person’s negativity to continue unchecked. So how do we as bystanders stop others’ negativity in its tracks? Have you experienced similar social situations? If so, how did you respond? Would you have done something differently?

Looking forward to you joining us at the beach!