Make Bold Moves

If you could describe your 2017 in a few words, what would you say?

Photo Credit: Shantelle Przybylo ( @shantellethesongbird )

Photo Credit: Shantelle Przybylo (@shantellethesongbird)

For me, 2017 can be summarized as “making bold moves.” It has been a year of growth. A year of getting the courage and taking action. The year I “went for it” and turned big ideas into reality.

This is the time of year when people send out yearly updates in holiday cards, so think of this as my personalized holiday letter to you. With the holiday season upon us and 2018 around the corner, I have been reflecting on 2017 and all that has happened on my personal journey, especially my big move.

“What move am I talking about?” you may ask. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, you may not know that I moved from British Columbia back to my hometown of Ottawa this fall. And for those of you readers who don’t live in Canada – that is the equivalent of moving from L.A. to NYC, for example. I made a big move, but to me it felt easy.

To be honest, when I moved away from Ottawa after my undergrad, I never expected to move back. But, a couple years ago, I had to return for an event; as soon I got off the plane, I knew I was home and had a feeling in my gut that I needed to move back here in the future.

Photo Credit: Shantelle Przybylo ( @shantellethesongbird )

Photo Credit: Shantelle Przybylo (@shantellethesongbird)

This fall, I took the leap and made it happen. I am so glad I did. The bold move has been awesome (for the most part, with some slight hiccups). Moving can be stressful and the adjustment took a bit of time, but overall the awesome people I have met have made it worthwhile. They have made me feel so welcome and so excited for this next phase of my journey.

I keep being called “brave” for making this big move. I don’t see it as brave, but as a natural next step towards achieving my goals. Instead of just thinking about moving, I went for it! I tried. Moving to Ottawa was an act of self-care: I had outgrown the Island and needed new possibilities and new challenges. I would rather have tried and it not work out, than to have not tried at all!

As the holidays get closer and closer, I encourage you to make bold moves. “What do I mean by that?” you may ask. And no, I am not encouraging you to move to a new place (unless that is what you feel called to do). I mean: in your daily life, be bold! Wear a bright lip colour. Ask a question. Take a risk. Reach out and ask someone out for coffee. Apply to a new position. Try something new. Take a step forward toward some goals. Don’t hold back; instead, leap forward and go after your dreams! Life is so short. Grow your life!


That is the overall lesson I learned this year. I offer it as a gift to inspire you to put yourself out there and be bold!

Happy Holidays! Your presence in my life is the best present.

Cheers to a 2018 of making bold moves! Talk to you in the new year.

- Arianna

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