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Coping With a Long-Distance Relationship

What happens when you meet that special someone, and then they move away? Do you pursue them, or do you forget them and find another who lives closer to you?

I find I’m hearing this question a lot in my circle of friends and with others in their twenties and early thirties. Therefore, I thought I would share this question with you all.

Tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar to you:

  • I met this special someone during school; after I graduated, I moved to a job somewhere else.
  • I met a special someone on vacation, and then we both had to go back to our “real” lives.
  • I met a really special person, then found out they have a job where they are travelling all of the time.
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Online Dating: What's your view?

It seems the topic of finding love on Online Dating Sites is a popular topic in our society today.  Personally, I know many people who have found "love" or are currently using sites to find "the one".  Congrats to them. I have mixed views on the topic, and since I am not a user of such online dating sites, I am simply going through others' experience using the sites. I think these sites are good to meet people who you would consider dating, but I think the real test occurs after you meet the individual in person.  I know of many couples who found each other in person, but who would probably not be matched together if they had used a dating site.

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