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What does it mean to be alive?

What does it mean to be alive? This was a question one of my grandmothers asked me recently after we were reflecting on just how precious life is. Why does it take death or the process of losing someone dear to you to realize what truly matters in life?

You could be in a place thinking there is no clear pattern to your career and you are looking for direction. Sometimes it takes you doing what you don’t like or seeing the world from a different lens to actually realize what your gift is in this world and what your purpose is on earth.

On the airplane home after an inspiring trip with family and friends, I couldn’t help but reflect on how valuable life is and the mark I want to leave on this world.

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Standing Firm Against The Tide

Water is an essential part of my life and a great teacher to me.

I cherish going to the beach, as it empowers me.  You may have guessed this through the theme of my blog. I look at the mighty rocks on the shore that stand firm despite the waves which persistently crash against them. The intensity of the tide will vary; and the rocks will be shaken, depending on the water’s strength.

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The Power of Girls: Empowerment Through Education

Such an important message:  Invest in a girl and she will do the rest.  

Many of us, however, may see this ad on the television or in the newspaper but not accept it as a reality, because this oppression isn't occuring in our everyday life.  Let me tell you, oppression of some kind is occurring in your life.  The whole world is connected.

The one statistic that really struck a chord with me was: 130 million children lack the opportunity to go to school!  Something that I took for granted.  That number is HUGE - it is almost four times the population of CANADA and half the population of the United States.

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