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Women, Let’s Talk Money

What has been the biggest cause of frustration and/or stress in your life?

The first word that comes to mind for me, a female founder, is “money.” During a recent conversation with a friend, I realized that money is keeping me awake at night and a daily stressor. Perhaps it is for you too?

There are so many challenges facing entrepreneurs! It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to turn a dream into reality. Many of us just roll up our sleeves, don’t complain, and keep moving forward! But lately, I have been called to voice the financial struggles.

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Being Smart, Powerful, & Feminine!

How do we as women stop hiding and embrace our strong, powerful, & feminine selves?

Over great conversations in late August with friends and family, I realized that in some areas I have been “hiding” myself.

One such conversation was with my youngest sister who brought it to my attention that I tend to hide my body under baggy shirts. Due to my athletic background, I have accumulated a lot of hoodies. They are great to wear at a sporting event or on a cold night to relax. However, they are meant to be baggy; when you put on one, they cover up your shape. As a result, wearing one hides your body.

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Standing Firm Against The Tide

Water is an essential part of my life and a great teacher to me.

I cherish going to the beach, as it empowers me.  You may have guessed this through the theme of my blog. I look at the mighty rocks on the shore that stand firm despite the waves which persistently crash against them. The intensity of the tide will vary; and the rocks will be shaken, depending on the water’s strength.

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