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Author of Mindful Leadership Maria Gonzalez shares how Mindfulness Transforms Lives

After reading Maria’s biography which highlighted her extensive background in the field of mindfulness, I reached out to Maria and invited her to explain the Record Worthy Practice with all of us. Maria and I both have connections to the University of Toronto, where I did my Master’s in Human Development & Applied Psychology and where she teaches Mindful Leadership (Random?!). Maria is a wonderful leader to teach us all about mindfulness; she has both a deep knowledge of the topic, as well as the practical tools on how to apply it in our daily lives – perfect combination!

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Generation Y: Losing Hope with the Job Search

This story is becoming far too prevalent in my generation not to share. The common reality of new graduates in this struggling economy is that many thousands of these individuals will be without work in their chosen field.  I wish this wasn’t the case.

However, this situation isn’t isolated to only Canada; it is happening in countries across the world.  My generation, “Generation Y,” is now being called, “Generation Jobless.” Even the name makes us feel powerless and at a position of inferiority to others.

Many young adults feel that they are overeducated and unemployed.  This belief comes as a result of applying for jobs after they graduate.  They are not hired because they are inexperienced for the jobs they would like to pursue but overqualified for the jobs they will get.

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