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A Quote about Relationships that got me thinking....

This quote struck a chord with me. When it comes to relationships, it is hard to evaluate your actions with your mind when your heart is so heavily invested in the other person.

The quote reminded me how, in the past, I have "fought for a person" instead of both of us "fighting for it." Relationships need both parties to make it work. I was guilty of this. I held on to this man because I enjoyed his presence in my life, yet our relationship wasn’t worth fighting for. There were many factors as to why it didn't work, but in the end he didn't want to “complicate” his already complicated life.

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Online communication: Is it influencing our relationships?

Communication methods have changed over the 21st century.  In the previous century, people would send letters, place telephone calls on land lines, or talk to each other in person.  While these methods are still used today, the internet has changed the manner and the speed in which individuals communicate with one another.  For example, most Canadian families and individual’s have a personalized computer and access to the internet (Gross, 2004; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007).  When the internet first became popular, people would send e-mails as their main form of communication. Presently, however, the internet has become the status quo in all social settings; with emailing, instant messaging, and online networking sites (e.g., Facebook) being used as standard modes of communication.

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Don't forget your relationships!

I have always been a people person. I can do things by myself and be independent but I love being with people. As most people who know me can attest to.... haha. Literally one of my favourite things to do is to connect with people, build relationships and get to know them better. All of my jobs, volunteer positions, sports or hobbies are centered around being with people and loving them. I honestly don't care about what I'm doing, just as long as I have the company. I love bringing smiles to people's faces and making them laugh.

Ok so this post may seem like I'm stating whats obvious and what most already know.  However, many people may know these lessons but many forget to act on it, so Im reinstating them because I think they are important.

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