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The Value of Cheerleaders

How can you empower your friends to reach their full potential? How important is it to cheer them on along the way?

Ideas come to me at random times. These were the thoughts that crossed my mind late last week. I wrote the rough draft for this post from the waiting room of an opera company, where I was standing by while my friend was auditioning. Listening to her sing, I was reminded that following one’s dream can be hard; so it is important to have cheerleaders along the way.

My friend, Shantelle Przybylo, is an opera singer who travels throughout the world. She came all the way to British Columbia from Washington, D.C., to sing live in front of the opera directors.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Shantelle Przybylo

I'm so excited that one of my best friends, Shantelle Przybylo, is sharing her thoughts on perseverance with us today.  She is a Canadian Soprano and has performed all around the world. You can read her biography following the interview. I am blown away by her talent.  Shantelle has an incredible voice and delivers an outstanding performance.  She is also one of the most kindhearted people I have ever met.  I thought it was fitting to have her participate in this series as we encourage each other to follow our dreams.  Thanks so much Shantelle for sharing! Follow her on Instagram at @shantellethesongbird.

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