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So I want to be a writer.... How do I start?

I have had this happen to me a couple times before, when I was starting to write large papers for some courses I took. However, I have never experienced such a large mental roadblock until recently. When I went to start writing my book, I had all these ideas running through my head; but when I went to type them out recently, I couldn’t.

I know from past experience that you don’t make any progress by doing nothing.  So I decided to try to overcome my writer’s block and found some successful ways to do that. The small changes I made and the strategies I learned (which I have shared below) made a world of difference!

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Need Motivation, find an athlete they never give up

Participating in sports makes you learn many lessons. Observing athletes can also teach you many things. One of the main lessons that I have learned from athletes trying to better themselves is that they never quit. They are constantly overtired, working so hard and very focused on achieving their goal. Michael Phelps gets up every morning, even on his birthday and Christmas, to swim. Thats impressive, how many times do you wake up and think I'm too tired to do this and then go back to bed. Their drive to persist despite any obstacles impresses me and motivates me to do the same.

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New Blog!!!

Aloha everyone!

I just got back from a two week family vacation in the beautiful state of Hawaii. While relaxing on the beach, I looked around and everyone I saw was smiling, having fun, enjoying the surroundings and at peace. It's a special place. I saw women and men from all over the world of many shapes and sizes.

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