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Craving Connection 1: What’s Wrong with This Scenario?

The young adults in our society today are so transient.  We are constantly moving to attend schools, work, or just for a change.  This scene rings all too familiar with me; since leaving high school, I have had many new beginnings and endings with cities, schools, and work.  I have loved every one though, as I love meeting new people and learning their stories.  It is hard being new in an environment that is already settled.  It is even harder and almost impossible to break into an area when the people of the new place are resistant to change and are unwelcoming in their approach to meeting new people.  Therefore, you have to be persistent and it takes a lot of strength to attend a new setting.  It is hard work, and some people give up.

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Healthy Campus Initiative

My question to you is: Why is participation in physical education class not a important/valued part of the curriculum in every faculty of the universities and colleges in Canada? I think this lack of physical activity for our students needs to be changed. The focus of post-secondary educational institutions is on academics, which is very important. However, participation in physical activity allows the students to promote physical and psychological well-being and to stay healthy. More importantly, it causes the students to be more well-rounded members of society. Every post-secondary educational institution in Canada is equipped with adequate athletic facilities. Why not make it mandatory for each student to take part in some sort of physical education class while on-campus? 

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