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Persevere Even When No One Will Listen

“Never, ever, ever, give up!” You may have to adapt your course like I have, but trust me don’t quit! I have persevered through many obstacles in my life; the most recent occurred within the last year. Instead of giving up, I changed my approach.  Doing so has made all the difference to achieving my goals.

Through my research and athletic experience at graduate school, I saw a need to reduce bullying in sport. The research I had conducted focused on creating effective school-based bullying prevention programs.  However, towards the end of my studies, it became very apparent that prevention cannot only occur in formal classroom settings (as these programs were using). I believe this needed to reach beyond the classroom. After I graduated, I wanted to improve the climates of educational and athletic environments by focusing on healthy relationships.

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Blogging is a great form of therapy: My personal battle with Bullies

Why do you want to study bullying prevention?

I have been asked this question often, since I began researching this topic a few years ago.

My answer is always the same: I have seen its negative effects and want to stop it from hurting others’ lives.

Until now, I haven’t confessed to many people that: back in middle school, I WAS BULLIED.

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