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Thought of the day

I woke up this morning and as I was having coffee, I watched a deer and her two fawns as they were eating and playing around in our front yard. It was adorable to watch these two siblings play with each other and have so much fun. They are always around and feel like adopted pets. I continued my morning and then left in the car an hour later. As I was driving, two minutes down the road a police car was on the side of the road with his hazards on. Passing him, I saw him picking up the dead fawn, which had obviously just been hit by a car. So sad - life ends so quickly. However, watching the police officer - he treated the fawn with respect and obviously sad that a life had just been lost. I love animals and all I could think of was how the mom and sister were dealing with the loss. All of this pain because a driver was going way too fast along the road.

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