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Learn to Ignore "Mosquitoes"

Have you ever tried going to sleep with a mosquito (mosquitoes) in the room? This problem is quite common in the summer, especially in the wilderness. The buzzing sound of the mosquito is quite distracting and can prevent many of us from falling asleep.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we ignored the sound of this small creature and focused on the bigger picture?!

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Thought of the day: Count your blessings, not your losses!

"Do you ever feel like you are missing something in your life? If so, do you consistently focus on that loss to the point where you forget about all the other things that you do have in your life? How do you not let that loss become the focus of your life? How do you switch from focusing on the negative to the positive?"

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Focus on the Things That Matter

Over my lifetime, I have experienced great loss.  Death and goodbye are parts of life.  Hard aspects but are parts none the less.  When it happens to others around you, it makes you reevalaute how you are living and shows you that life goes by rather quickly.  Losing friends and family has made me realize what matters in life and what does not.  Since I love music, here is the song "Things that matter" by Rascal Flatts which reinforces what has been on my mind lately.

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