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How To Become a Better Blogger by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

I have been asked many times by new and fellow bloggers for advice on how to better their blog. I'm starting a series on this.  So, when a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt,  volunteered to write a guest post, I suggested she share with us her tips on how to become a better blogger.  Hence, this post was created.  Anne-Sophie is an awesome communicator, who gives tremendous advice. She is so kind and even offered to give away 10 copies of her latest book on the same topic to readers. Thanks, Anne-Sophie, for helping others shine!  Find out how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

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Coffee, Talk, & a Walk: Art Butcher

I connected with Art Butcher a couple of months ago, and I am delighted that he agreed to write this post.Thank you, Art! Please check out his bio and the link to his website, which are included at the end of the post. Building on my post from yesterday about the importance of social support in goal setting, I think Art's post is a wonderful follow-up to the question. Read Art's guest post below!

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