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Finding Joy in Everyday Life

When you think you don’t have anything super exciting to announce or to say, do you stop talking or hide your thoughts?

A friend asked me recently why I wasn’t posting more regularly.  While I had been posting, I think what she really meant to ask was: why wasn’t I sharing more of my journey on the blog?

After she brought this up, I found a chance to head to the water and reflect. As you may know, water is my source of inspiration. When I’m looking for guidance, I seek it out.

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70 Reasons to Smile

I was sitting by the ocean this past weekend, and was rather pensive.  I find that when something hard happens in life, the event can often become one's main focus.  Sometimes you can magnify the event, so much so that it can seem to occupy most of your thoughts.  However, sitting by the water made me realize that there are so many things in this life to be happy about!  All you need to do is to shift your focus and remember all the reasons why you should be happy!

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