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Song of the Week: "Say Anything" by Tristan Prettyman

Yesterday, I found this beautiful song by Tristan Prettyman and I have been playing it non-stop since I found it.  I first found out about Tristan after hearing her song "I Was Gonna Marry You." I love her voice and had to listen to other songs by her.   That is how I found the song "Say Anything."  Have a listen! I love how honest and vulnerable she is in her writing.   She has inspired me to write from my heart and not hold back.  Thank you Tristan!

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Song of the Week: "The Will to Survive"

I saw the video for the song written and produced by Megan McNeil , a childhood cancer patient called "Will to Survive." I had to share it, as it touched my heart.  The song has such a beautiful message.  Megan battled cancer for four years; she passed away at the end of January of last year. Her legacy will live on through the song and the lives she touched.

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Song of the Week: "Crazy Dreams"

The song “Crazy Dreams” by Carrie Underwood resonates with me this week.  When you have an idea or dream, it may seem crazy or unattainable at the beginning.  However, just because the idea may seem far-fetched, as the song reminds you, the dreams will come true.

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Song of the Week: "So Small"

On a random shuffle of the songs on my Ipod this week at the gym, the song "So Small” by Carrie Underwood played. I have been inspired by Carrie ever since I saw her on American Idol in 2005.  I hadn’t heard this song in a while and forgot how powerful of a message it had. 

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Song of the Week: "I Won't Give Up"

I have loved the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz since the first time I heard it. It moved me to tears a couple times.  I'm a huge fan of his voice and his prior work.

"The story of the video (I Won't Give Up) is that we all have our stories. We all have out own version of suffering….and everybody has many things to not give up on," Mraz explained in an interview.  I had to share this song as it encourages us to persevere.

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Lessons Learned from the David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the David Foster Foundation Miracle Concert this past Saturday night at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Arena in Victoria, B.C. I had thought I was in for a night of beautiful music.  However, I didn’t expect to be blown away by an experience that has changed my life.

Let me explain. I found out a while ago that the David Foster Foundation was having a concert to support his charity.  I have known about David Foster and the work that he has done (professionally and philanthropically) and wanted to support this cause.  All proceeds from the Foundation go to support the families of children needing organ transplants and education surrounding organ donor registration in Canada and the US. Since I have a good friend who has had two life-saving organ transplants, this cause is really important to me.  

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Song of the Week: "Unstoppable"

I just heard the song "Unstoppable" by Rascal Flatts for the first time in a while and was inspired.  I want to print out this lyric and post it so I can see it everytime I am working.


This song is so beautiful and empowering, you should check it out. Let me know what you think after hearing it :)

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The Will To Survive: Why I Wear My LIVESTRONG Bracelet

I wear my bracelet in memory of:

  • My grade 5 teacher who developed lung cancer from second-hand smoke in the environment she was living in (and she never smoked a day in her life).  She passed away when I was in 6th grade.
  • My elementary school principal, who was one of the nicest men, developed cancer and passed away when I was in grade four.
  • Friends’ parents who have passed away from cancer.
  • My cat who, this past June, passed away from a huge tumour in her stomach.
  • My friend, Lisa Simpson Brewster passed away Breast Cancer. 
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Let the Music Heal Your Soul

Before I start talking about relationships for the next couple weeks, I thought I would share some songs that empower me every time I hear them. My middle sister, the same one that made me that beautiful collage, is addicted to music and always sends me beautiful songs. She asked me to bring more music to my page. Therefore, to honour her request, I put together ten of my favourite empowering songs.  Hope you enjoy them!

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