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Learn to Ignore "Mosquitoes"

Have you ever tried going to sleep with a mosquito (mosquitoes) in the room? This problem is quite common in the summer, especially in the wilderness. The buzzing sound of the mosquito is quite distracting and can prevent many of us from falling asleep.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we ignored the sound of this small creature and focused on the bigger picture?!

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Stand Tall & Speak From The Heart

I'm excited to share this personal post with you about how I learned to embrace my body.  I hope you enjoy it! Also, check out my interview with The Gold Zebra as I'm featured as blogger of the week starting today.

The journey to stand taller ( i.e., stand/walk tall means to be proud of yourself and confident of your abilities) started with a purchase. A few years ago, I bought the prettiest pair of high heels. The best part about them is they are four-inch heels. Now I know, you are probably thinking, “Arianna, WHY are you sharing your purchase with us?!”

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Surround Yourself with Positive People

Every individual that was interviewed for my series, myself included, has stressed the importance of social support in pursuing their passion. Friends and family help you persevere through the setbacks.

You will have many obstacles in your path. So, it is essential to your success to surround yourself with people who cope with these obstacles in a positive rather than a negative manner.

I encountered an “obstacle” in my life this past week with the death of my dog, Sable. I am so blessed for all the support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!You have helped me to cope with her passing a positive and healthy manner.

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Two More Reasons To Smile!

I now have 72 reasons to be smile,  adding to the list from yesterday, as today I was suprised with two more reasons!!

The first is because I have been in touch with many inspiring inviduals over the past couple of weeks.  They have volunteered to share their stories with all of us.  I'm really looking forward to hearing what they have to say! Thanks :)

Secondly, I get to share with you my new promotional material. Amy designed this for me this afternoon and this poster is too beautiful not to share (I'm totally not biased :P).  I have received many queries as to the reasoning of my blog title.

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70 Reasons to Smile

I was sitting by the ocean this past weekend, and was rather pensive.  I find that when something hard happens in life, the event can often become one's main focus.  Sometimes you can magnify the event, so much so that it can seem to occupy most of your thoughts.  However, sitting by the water made me realize that there are so many things in this life to be happy about!  All you need to do is to shift your focus and remember all the reasons why you should be happy!

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