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Love is Essential to Life

There's a repeating random thought that has been on my heart for awhile now. Love is essential to life. This message has been pretty direct.

We always think we have more time to tell someone how we feel about them. Or, we think that people already know that we care about them, so why do I have to show them again?

I keep being reminded that because life passes by so quickly, it is so important to put energy and time into showing yourself and others on a daily basis that you value them :) Call someone randomly, make them a cake, or give them a hug.  Just like water is essential to life, so is love!

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Rise & Shine Interview: Michelle Marie McGrath

Michelle Marie McGrath is the creator of Sacred Self’s Self-love range of Alchemical oils and cards. She’s the co-author of “Love and Oneness” in the bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series. She’s also the creator of "100% self-love ecourse” and author of "7 ways to love yourself" ebook. Michelle is passionate about falling in love with ALL parts of herself, and encouraging others to do the same.

From the UK, Michelle lives in Sydney, where she explores her favourite self-love activities: meditating in a candlelit bath; daydreaming; massage; chai tea and raw chocolate. Her idea of bliss is a day full of the above! 

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Rise & Shine Interview: Mara Glatzel about Perseverance

Mara Glatzel is a self-love coach + author of the Body Loving Homework e-course. She works with women who are ready to create the lives they want — and deserve. Her blog — Medicinal Marzipan — has inspired thousands of women to heal their relationships with their bodies, and treat themselves with relentless compassion. Catch up with her on facebook, twitter, or join her body-loving mailing list for secret swapping and insider news.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Robyn Hussa

Today Robyn Hussa is sharing with us about perseverance. I first connected with  Robyn when I was interested in getting involved with the blog, We Are The Real Deal, where she is the editor. I'm a huge supporter of the work that they do and had to share my story on their site. We Are The Real Deal has built an amazing community of contributors, bloggers, and readers who have their heart and soul into being positive about their body image. Check them out after you finish reading the post.  Thank you, Robyn, for sharing your story with us! I admire your accomplishments.

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