Are you a busy student or professional trying to find your way? I want to make your future bright.


Ideally, you want to rise each day driven with a purpose to make shining impact to those you encounter. Yet somewhere in the hustle and bustle of modern life making your way in the world you began to feel doubtful, lost, overwhelmed, tired and alone. Your spark has been dimmed.

Despite being busy and always on the go, you feel like you are LOST in the crowd and unclear of where you are headed. I am all too familiar with city life and daily commute, being born and raised in Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) and then living a block away from Bloor St and Avenue Road in downtown Toronto. Today especially people are always looking down at their phones.  In a busy world, mental health issues can easily go unnoticed and anxiety, stress, and burnout are prevalent.  It is not the busyness that is the problem, it is people struggling may find it hard to speak up or find someone to listen. Hence, I created this virtual community to meet you right where you are on your journey to keep you company en route and know that you aren’t alone. 

How would it feel to rise each day with:

  • Energy and excitement for what today brings!
  • A clear purpose and passion
  • A supportive global community of individuals who are there for each other
  • The power that you can overcome whatever obstacles that appear

I want to invite you to join me in the self-discovery journey so we can empower each other to rise & shine!

Why is it virtual you ask? Because self-discovery is such a deeply personal journey – it isn’t location specific. For some we learn about ourselves while snorkelling in the water or hiking up a mountain or even perhaps commuting on the train to work. I created a space that is accessible for you anytime, anywhere.

You see when I was starting my own self-discovery journey – I thought I had to travel to various parts of the world to discover my purpose but I soon realized I bring myself wherever I go. I learned that the exploration process of self-discovery is not an outward journey, it’s an inward one. You bring yourself wherever you travel and inspiration can occur at the most random times.

Because self-discovery is an active process, why not act on what you’ve learned from the posts. Psychology studies show that people retain what they read if they do something about it. So once you’ve learned something from a blog post, here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Read the post online and then after reflecting on it, share your thoughts in the Comments (you can use your real name or be anonymous). Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comment. Sharing your story with others give them permission to do the same. 
  • Start a conversation with others by spreading the word on social media. Be sure to mention me onTwitterInstagram, or tag me on Facebook. Use the #SelfDiscoveryRetreat in your posts.
  • Print the post and make notes in your journal. Or pdf it and save it to read later.
  • Write down the questions that I bring up in the post to use as topics of discussion with others either online or offline. 
  • Write a blog post in response. Be sure to link it back to the post that inspired it so fellow readers can find it.
  • Not feeling like you want to share in the Comments section but still want to talk? Contact me directly – it’s confidential.

Your level of engagement is up to you, it’s your self-discovery process. You know what works best for you. Think of it as a choose your own adventure!

The posts are designed to start conversations. I truly believe that when you share your personal story, you give others permission to do the same. You never know where sharing your “random” thoughts will lead you! Let’s get started!

Dive into the posts!!! Don’t be shy – your contribution is vital and always welcome!

Waking up shouldn’t be a chore, life is so short and we should rise excited that we have the gift of life. We need to take time to process and reflect. It’s ok to reach out and ask for help.

Thank you for showing up here. Your presence matters.

- Arianna