Pink - "Perfect Video"

I happened to see Pink's new music video for her song "Perfect". Since I was posted yesterday (The Power of Words) about body image, self-esteem, and eating disorder, I thought the message of the video is a great one to share.

** Caution though the girl does engage in self-mutilating behaviour and its not appropriate for everyone.

It is a powerful message about a young girl who is beautiful just the way she is, yet struggles with her self-identity as she doesn't fit the social "norm".  You should never change who you are to fit someone else's standards.

So many questions arise when I watch this: What is Perfection? Is there such thing as a "Perfect Person" physically? Who defines it? If we are all supposedly aiming to be one defined ideal, then we are simply and trying to be something we are not.  Will people ever stop striving to be "Perfect"?


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See you at the beach!