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Fears Vs. Dreams


The following are two questions that the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms have been asking recently.   You can also join in on the discussion at:

It got me thinking as to what my biggest fears are and what is my biggest dream.

I would like to share them with you as I think it is important to be aware of your fears so you cant try to get over them and not let them control your life

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Overcoming Body Image Battles For A Better Life

I read this quote recently and realized it is true.  However, I believe in this battle against yourself we have two opponents: the outside world and ourselves.  I personally believe the latter is the harder fight.

For example, I was at the beach this past weekend with two good girl friends. We have different body shapes and sizes, yet we are fighting the same battles.

The first is our struggle with a society that constantly has images of how individuals should ideally look. The media puts out the message that we should change ourselves and our imperfections to a standardized “ideal” image in order to be happy and accepted.

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Pink - "Perfect Video"

I happened to see Pink's new music video for her song "Perfect". Since I was posted yesterday (The Power of Words) about body image, self-esteem, and eating disorder, I thought the message of the video is a great one to share.

** Caution though the girl does engage in self-mutilating behaviour and its not appropriate for everyone.

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