Where in your life do you need more courage?

Where in my life did I need more courage?

(c) Arianna's Random Thoughts
(c) Arianna's Random Thoughts

From my personal journey over the past few weeks, I discovered a common thread: I need the courage to stop feeling intimidated by others.  I must develop the courage to speak my truth to everyone – no holds barred. With most people I can freely communicate what’s on my heart; but with a select few, I lack the courage to express how I feel.  

With these people, I keep my thoughts and frustrations locked inside. I get worried that if I share how I feel or think, they will not like what I have to say. Sometimes I have been excluded for my views, even though I spoke politely.  I have also had others get upset, or change the topic when I speak. Most often, I would respond by keeping quiet, playing down my views, or agreeing with them. Whichever way you look at it, I lacked courage to stand up for what I believed with these people. I have come to realize that I ‘gave up’ on my views because I like to make others happy – more so than myself. I guess I’m a ‘people pleaser.’

Maybe you are like me, and you put others first, before yourself.  Through the life lessons that keep cropping up for me here and there over the past while, I have realized that I have to take care of my own needs first, before helping others.  This insight can be embraced by you, too: to know that you are important, and your needs have equal value with others’.  Remember, you are important, and your needs are important, too.


This message has been coming loud and clear from many areas of my life. Situations are showing me that I must strengthen my inner confidence, so I can freely express myself in relationships throughout my life – friends, family, work, studies, sports, etc. I need to ‘lean in’ to relationships. Sometimes what you need to say will be difficult for the other person to hear, but you should truly communicate the message in your heart and head.  You must strengthen your courage to be heard.

Standing Tall. (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts
Standing Tall. (c) Arianna's Random Thoughts

Express your thoughts. Even when you feel afraid to speak – you may have butterflies in your stomach, or a headache, or want to run and hide - you have to summon up the courage to speak; to be heard. When I did this, I truly felt strong.  That’s when I gained power: when I resolved to speak, even when I was scared to do so. This choice allowed me to truly be myself (even if my knees were knocking together when I spoke!?!). Before, I had thought that holding back meant I was strong.  But when I stood tall and had the courage to express my true thoughts, my personal power came back and I felt at peace. 

You, too, can gain such peace, by knowing and acting on the following notion: You control your thoughts and actions. Don’t place that power in someone else’s hands by letting them silence your inner voice. Own your power. You are worth hearing.  Your voice matters. Go find people who value positive relationships, and who value you!  Start first by valuing yourself.

What an important lesson to learn! Look what I learned when I took time to reflect on my personal journey.

Therefore, I’m extending the question to you: Where in your life do you need more courage?   

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!